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Cybersecurity Guides by AEGISOLVE

Practical and valuable guides and eBooks - free for download - by the AEGISOLVE team.

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cavp ebook 

10 Easy Steps to Cryptographic Algorithm Validation


The purpose of this free guide by AEGISOLVE is to provide a step-by-step overview of how to obtain a cryptographic algorithm validation (CAVP). 

Download the 10 Easy Steps to CAVP eBook

digital signatures ebook 

Fundamentals of Digital Signatures


The purpose of this free guide by AEGISOLVE is to provide an overview of digital signatures, especially as they relate to FIPS 186-4. In this guide you will learn the evolution of signatures, objectives of digital signatures, a visual representation for digital signature generation/verification (FIPS 186-4), a basic recipe for any digital signatures and validation testing and definitions according to FIPS 186-4. 

Download the Digital Signatures eBook

eBook mockup final 

Understanding FIPS 140-2 Single-Chip Level 3 Physical Security


This detailed guide provides an extensive overview of the FIPS 140-2, Security Requirements for Cryptographic Modules requirements as they relate to Level 3 Single-chip physical security. 

Download the Secure-Chip Level 3 eBook

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