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About Aegisolve

Our mission is to develop, augment, and accelerate security analysis and testing processes in ever-changing technological landscapes. We are committed to providing the highest value to our customers, including technical expertise, unbiased and efficient testing processes, risk mitigation strategies, and unparalleled customer service.

AEGISOLVE is accredited by the National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation program (NVLAP Lab Code: 200802-0) for Cryptographic and Security Testing to assess and validate cryptographic based security systems and telecommunications infrastructure.

AEGISOLVE is an employee-owned company, incorporated in 2007, and has tested and managed the validations of hundreds of cryptographic modules to FIPS requirements at all security levels (Level 1-4) and trained hundreds of customers around the world about cybersecurity. With over a decade of experience completing hundreds of successful FIPS 140-2 Validations, Travis and Desiree Spann founded AEGISOLVE to improve the certification process. We get you through your validation in the simplest accelerated process, period. You do not need a separate consultant; we partner with you from start to finish and beyond. Our team is available to you anytime.

Why choose Aegisolve?

Aegisolve possesses a series of advantages that make us unrivaled in our field. Consider the following benefits of working with Aegisolve.
Time to Market
Achieve competitive advantage by working with experts and sprint to market. Our technological expertise is one of our greatest differentiators and key to our clients' success. We always get it right from the start.
Minimize risks
We provide you a roadmap for straightforward validations with accurate action items and milestones. Benefit from our customized approach to project management with streamlined processes and templates. Save yourself time, effort and money.
Responsive Service
We pride ourselves on rapid response times and maintaining close contact throughout all stages of pre-validation, validations and post-validation processes.
AEGISOLVE is independent from product vendors and regulatory entities. We are a third-party laboratory providing clear quality-control processes through checks and balances


Beyond the procesS

Technological Expertise
Providing an accurate technical assessment the first time around is our greatest differentiator and the key to our clients’ success. We have tested and managed the validations of hundreds of cryptographic modules to FIPS requirements at all security levels (Levels 1-4) and trained customers around the world about computer security.
Silicon Valley-based
Unlike other labs, we are based in Silicon Valley and collaborate with our clients in real time, face to face. We are also conveniently located near multiple international airports and service customers across the globe. Our unparalleled level of service makes Aegisolve an indispensable partner to some of the world’s largest firms, all of which have experienced the tangible ways in which we have accelerated their time to market.
Our commitment to efficiency and quality is evident through our flexible and customized approach to project management. Our accredited quality-management system provides clear quality-control processes for all personnel and testing activities, ensuring technical accuracy through checks and balances.
Aegisolve is independent from product vendors and regulatory entities. We have been a trusted, independent, third-party laboratory providing critical testing services to the cybersecurity industry for over a decade.