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AEGISOLVE is a trusted, independent, third-party laboratory providing critical testing and cybersecurity services to a wide array of industries for over a decade.The Aegisolve mission is to develop, augment, and accelerate cybersecurity analysis and testing processes in ever-changing technological landscapes.

What we're not? An expensive middleman billed as a "cybersecurity consultant". With AEGISOLVE you work directly with an accredited testing authority (NVLAP Lab Code: 200802-0) to assess and validate cryptographic based security systems and digital/physical infrastructure.



Who We Help

We help companies large and small around the world improve their cybersecurity readiness, validate products according to FIPS 140-2, FIPS 140-3, DCI, and more. We are passionate about finding out-of-the-box creative solutions to serve you and will relentlessly work to make your cybersecurity project a success and your goals our priority.

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Direct Cybersecurity Consulting

We don't really like to use the term "consultants", because it doesn't define us well. We're your direct partner and testing authority for all things cybersecurity. AEGISOLVE guides your organization through the challenges of cybersecurity compliance without the need for expensive consultants - i.e. the "middle-men".

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Test With The Best

AEGISOLVE is accredited by the NVLAP (NVLAP Lab Code: 200802-0) to test your products to ensure compliance with FIPS 140-2/FIPS 140-3.

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FIPS Validated with AEGISOLVE

AEGISOLVE 's expertise is in securing certifications with 100% success rate. We can help you get products to market quickly and securely.

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